Petya Kokudeva

Photo © Zdravko Petrov

Petya Kokudeva (1982) is a children's book writer and a globe-trotter. She holds a degree in television journalism from Sofia University and an MA in literature and creative writing. Her first book, Lulu (2011), won the special prize at the Yuzhna Prolet national competition for debut literature and went through four reprints. Her second book, Tiny Creatures (2014) was nominated for two national prizes. Her third book, Quirky Queries (2016) won the Konstantin Konstantinov national prize for children's literature.

Lupo and Tumba (2018, in two parts), contains short, absurdist conversations between two animals – a raccoon and a dog. In 2018 Lupo and Tumba, part 1 was awarded the prestigious Hristo G. Danov national prize in the Children's Book category. In late 2018 Lupo and Tumba was published in Germany by eta Verlag, and in 2020 it came out in Hungarian. On most of her books to date Petya has worked in joyful collaboration with the Italian illustrator Romina Beneventi (1980), who resides in Tuscany.

Lupo and Tumba

Lupo and Tumba is a book inspired by children’s fascinating lateral thinking and ingenious logic. The palette of 40 short dialogues between two hairy friends – the long-nosed dog Lupo and the naughty raccoon Tumba – will amuse both kids and adults with unusual points of view and startling revelations.
The miniature stories are funny and easy to read, and contain pieces of unexpected wisdom.

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