Yanitsa Radeva

Photo © Tzveti Pavlova

Yanitsa Radeva (1977) is a poet and a writer. She made her debut with the poetry book Other Rhythms (2003). In 2011 she published her first novel, The Bonbonnière, based on a true story, which was noted with a young author’s diploma from the Ministry of Culture.

Her second poetry book, A Hive of Words (2012), was nominated for the Nikolay Kanchev National Poetry Award. In the following years she published the novels The Season of Yoana (2015), The Road to Thebes (2017), and Hades Sends His Regards (2020). The Road to Thebes was nominated for Novel of the Year (2018) and the Elias Canetti award (2019). Hades Sends His Regards was shortlisted in the Peroto awards (2020) and nominated for Novel of the Year (2021). ...

Yanitsa Radeva’s writings have been published prolifically in the foreign literary press, including the Croatian magazine Poezija (2009), the New York based Absinthe magazine (2012), the Iranian collection Post Soviet (2020). Her works have been translated into English, Korean, Macedonian, Romanian, Croatian, and Farsi.

She is a frequent guest-editor in Literary Newspaper – perhaps the most prestigious literary review in Bulgaria – where she writes literary criticism.

Yanitsa Radeva has a PhD in Bulgarian literature. She organizes and moderates literary events with Bulgarian authors. She lives in Sofia.

Hades Sends His Regards

208 pages, cover design by Margarita Doncheva

In Hades Sends His Regards Yanitsa Radeva has boldly pushed the central characters of the ancient myth about Oedipus towards the periphery, while putting at the centre of her narrative the peripheral characters – as well as others that she has invented or imagined.

In the final account, we have an exceptional literary text, particularly interesting in its philosophical parallels and missives. On the one hand, it is a new rendition of an old myth; on the other – a rendition of our present times through the prism of an ancient myth.