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This novel is unarguably an extremely high achievement in contemporary Bulgarian writing.
– Antonia Apostolova, Literary Newspaper

Novel, 345 pages, 2021


In Along the Tracks Nevena Mitropolitska intertwines three important narrative lines. The first one is historical and touches upon the cultural dialogue between ethnic Bulgarians and Jews in pre-WW2 Bulgaria, focusing on the myth around the so-called “saving of the Bulgarian Jews”. The second story line deals with immigrant experience in present-day Canada. The third is intimately connected to the second – and it examines the issue of teenage bullying, based on differences in ethnicity and cultural background. The novel speaks with the voices of three generations of women: a grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter. In 2022 Along the Tracks received the Peroto national award for contemporary Bulgarian fiction. The book was also nominated for the National Readers’ Helikon award.

cover design by Luba Haleva

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