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With his second book Terziyski establishes himself as a novelist with deep interest in family histories with their roots and branches deep into the past, the inevitability of destiny, war and compassion.
– Darina Marinova, Bulgarian National Radio

Novel, 464 pages, 2019


Chronicles of the Unknown is a novel about the serpentine paths of blood
and love and the unknowable power of creation. Historical facts are interwoven
with magical realism, reaching our present day through the family lines of the
main characters and intertwining in a modern love story. The story begins in the latter half of the 18th century, when Bulgaria was still part of the Ottoman Empire. In the Rhodope Mountains, a young woman is forced to flee her home and abandon her husband and child in order to save them from the Arnauts who are looking for her. She had once been in love with a man, whom she would meet in secret; after one such meeting, he killed two Arnauts who had attacked her. She finds refuge in a womb-shaped cave, an old Thracian sanctuary, where she is tempted by a snake. She then embarks on a long, lonely journey to discover a mythological village…

The novel was nominated for the Bulgarian Novel of the Year Award of the National Endowment Fund 13 Centuries Bulgaria in 2020.

cover design by DIMITAR KELBECHEV

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