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This author abruptly changes the very point of view of history. She shortens the distance of the epic gaze and looks closely into the direct contact of the family environment, into the psyche of its actors.
– Katya Zografova

NOVEL, 420 PAGES, 1991


I, Anna Komninos is above all a novel written by a woman, related by women, dedicated to a woman. If the term hadn’t been so polemic, we would have called it “feminist” – that’s how pale, cowardly, conceited, belligerent and incapable of ruling the male characters in the text are in comparison to Anna Dalassini or Anna Komninos.

In her book Vera Mutafchieva manages to stay at an arm’s length from all the conflicts, intrigues, and political games of the era; here power is presented as an insatiable monster, ripping apart and corrupting everyone, unlucky enough to step near it or trod in its vicinity.
– Marie Vrinat-Nikolov

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