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Mariya Doneva

Mariya Doneva (1974) is a highly acclaimed and beloved Bulgarian poet and author of children’s books. With a remarkable career, she has published more than twenty titles, including poetry collections, short stories and children’s books. In addition to her writing, Mariya has translated over 50 titles from English to Bulgarian, with a significant contribution to introducing Julia Donaldson’s works to the Bulgarian readership. Mariya is a versatile creator – engaging in crafting educational materials and theatrical productions, she also works as a playwright and director. Beyond her artistic pursuits, she advocates for mental health awareness. In recognition of her exceptional contribution she was honored with the Knight of the Book award by the Bulgarian Booksellers Association in 2022. Her latest work, Mice Visit the Opera, was shortlisted for the Peroto award for contemporary children’s literature. Adding to her accolades, Mariya was named the most read children’s author by the Sofia City Library in January 2024. Her poems have been translated into English, Russian, Farsi. In 2005 the poetry collection The Emptiness Between Us was published in Macedonian (Macedonia Prima).

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Current Titles

CHILDREN’s BOOKS, 32 pages, 2023

Mice Go to the Opera

Opera is for everyone! Even the tiniest among all mice knows this and for that very reason, the day for attending the opera is a true festivity.

CHILDREN’s BOOKS, 32 pages, 2024

The Ant’s Letter

The Ant’s Letter is a celebration of happiness, love, a celebration of hope and the promise of second chances. A poetry of joy; a guide to making dreams come true; a guide to taming Fate. 


Impatience in a Box

This is a book of children’s poems arranged thematically and by season – winter, spring, summer. Here the main characters are people, animals, insects, objects and natural phenomena. They all experience emotions familiar to children’s.

Към началото