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Nevena Mitropolitska

Nevena Mitropolitska (1969) is a researcher and librarian, author of three novels: Anna and the Mountain (2015), The Gift (2019) and Along the Tracks (2021). She has degrees in Russian and English literature from Sofia University and in Library and Information Science from Université de Montréal. Since 2002, she has been living with her family in Montreal, Canada. Having lived in Bulgaria, Russia and Canada, Nevena is deeply interested in issues such as immigration and intercultural relations: topics that keep resurfacing in her works. As a teenager, Nevena visited the Auschwitz concentration camp – an event that shook her very foundations. That experience, coupled with the dramatic family history of a Jewish friend, served as an inspiration for her most recent novel, Along the Tracks, where historical and contemporary subplots intertwine.

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Novel, 345 pages, 2021

Along the Tracks

The novel speaks with the voices of three generations of women: a grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter. In 2022 Along the Tracks received the Peroto national award for contemporary Bulgarian fiction.

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