Zdravka Evtimova

Zdravka Evtimova

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Zdravka Evtimova is a Bulgarian writer and translator, winner of numerous literary accolades, including Bulgaria’s Favourite Writer at the eponymous show on Bulgarian TV.

Her novels and short story collections have been published in Canada, China, Greece, Israel, Italy, North Macedonia, Serbia, UK, and the USA.

Her short story Seldom was included in the Best European Fiction 2015 anthology of the Dalkey Archive Press in the US. It Is Your Turn was among the ten award-winning stories, which were included in the anthology Utopia: Ten Writers from All over the World in Nantes, France, 2005, as the result of a worldwide competition. ...

Vassil was one of the award-winners in the BBC international short story competition in 2005.

Her short story Blood of a Mole is included in a literary anthology for middle school education in the USA as well as in Danish high school textbooks. Her short story collection Pernik Stories won the Balkanika award for Best Book of the Year (2014).

The Same River won the Best Bulgarian Novel award (2016) of the national 13 Centuries Bulgaria National Foundation.

In 2019 Zdravka Evtimova won the Hristo G. Danov National Literary Award for her contribution to Bulgarian contemporary literature. In October 2021 she was voted Bulgaria’s Favourite Writer by the audience of the Bulgarian National Television.

Reserve for People and Wolves

300 pages, cover design by Hristo Gochev

Zdravka Evtimova is among the most beloved and widely translated Bulgarian authors. In this new novel she keeps adding colour to the well-known contours of her Bulgarian Macondo – the village of Staro Selo near Radomir in Western Bulgaria – turning it into the main literary topos of her body of work.

In a land where the police and the state are practically absent – even God seems to have abandoned it! – irony and sarcasm are the only remaining weapons in the arsenal of the poor and the oppressed in their strive to protect the only thing they have left – their human dignity.