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Тhe author of “Greetings from the Blue Tent” once again will walk you round the globe through masterfully telling captivating stories with her typical curiosity and sensitive tone.
— DIVA Magazine

TRAVELOGUE, 136 pages, 2024


About a hundred short documentary stories from all over the world, in which the sights are not places, but the local people: a Chilean miner, an elderly neighbor of the Etna volcano, a Faroese carpenter, a peace-loving Malay tribe, a grandson of Jordanian Bedouins… Those are fragments of different cultures: surprising life philosophies, meetings with vanishing peoples, conversations with strangers, and sometimes, even proper action comedies. A book, in which The Other is an enigma to be deciphered, and the ways of living – fabulously varicolored.

cover design by luba haleva

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