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Petya Kokudeva

Petya Kokudeva (1982) is a children’s book writer and a globe-trotter. She has been awarded 4 national prizes for children’s literature. Her first book, Lulu (2011), won the special prize at the Yuzhna Prolet national competition for debut literature and went through four reprints. Her second book, Tiny Creatures (2014) was nominated for two national prizes. Her third book, Quirky Queries (2016) won the Konstantin Konstantinov national prize for children’s literature. In 2022 Petya’s latest title was the recipient of the Peroto national award. Apart from writing children’s books, Petya is the author of a series of innovative resource books for primary school pupils in which the subject content is presented in the form of fairy tales. Some of her poems have been turned into songs, others have been included in textbooks for second and third graders. She runs workshops for children. Her works have been translated for magazines and anthologies in Russian, Serbian, Macedonian, Czech. For the last few consecutive years she is among the 10 most read children’s authors at the Sofia City Library.

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Current Titles

Part I – 45 pages; Part II – 30 pages, 2018

Lupo аnd Tumba

Lupo and Tumba is a book inspired by children’s fascinating lateral thinking and ingenious logic. The palette of 40 short dialogues between two hairy friends – the long-nosed dog Lupo and the naughty raccoon Tumba – will amuse both kids and adults with unusual points of view and startling revelations.

Travelogue, 240 pages, 2019

Greetings from the Blue Tent

Greetings from the Blue Tent collects 95 of the author’s most exciting encounters with the world. This is not an ordinary travel book, but a collection of fragmentary stories, gathered from all kinds of places worldwide.



The Wolf throws meatballs at the Moon, the Penguin prepares Antarctic ice cream, and the Woodpecker is the peacemaker of the neighborhood.

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