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A story about freedom, passion, separation, and love – love that knows no boundaries, love beyond the fragile limitations of time and space.
– Desislava Zheleva, GoGuide Magazine

Novel, 330 pages, 2022


Stars Under the Eyelids tells the story of three generations of men who fall in love with younger women, masterfully involving the recurring topics of art, politics and a bit of mystery, as it stretches the plot almost a century back in time. Terziyski’s usual topics are love and destiny, and his ability to intertwine family histories spanning several hundred years – and eventually returning to their beginnings – is unsurpassed. Stars Under the Eyelids is a carefully constructed novel; the narrative builds a number of solid parallel structures, and, as the story unfolds, each of them evolves into a convincing, wholesome world. Critics have called it a tale about immortality, and a journey to the very essence of things (Zdravka Evtimova). The novel was awarded the prestigious Hristo G. Danov prize by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture in 2023 and was nominated for every possible national literary prize.

cover design by Damyan Damyanov

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