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Thrilling texts! This is skillfully created high-end European prose. Read that book.
– Katya Atanasova, Culture Weekly Magazine

Short Stories, 185 pages, 2021


The Breaking of Samsara (2021) got the Yordan Radichkov national short story award and the Peroto national award for contemporary Bulgarian fiction. The collection brings together eleven stories while exploring human nature in its diversity, bizarreness and glory in an effort to achieve a kind of completeness and even an idea of happiness, in the broadest sense, sometimes awkward and incomprehensible, but nonetheless possible. Although it is a collection of short stories, it can also be read as a single tale of liberation and lightness of spirit, that only comes through that subtly perceived mode of being, which some may call wisdom, while others may call death.

cover design by Luba Haleva

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