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This is the only contemporary Bulgarian title which actually develops its plot around the topic of reproductive medicine and poses important questions with a delicate psychological approach.
– Antonia Apostolova, Literary Conversations

Novel, 372 pages, 2019


Two couples from different social backgrounds undergo in vitro fertilization on the same day at the same clinic in Sofia. Neda, a dreamy and delicate 38-year-old who was raised in poverty by her grandparents, is a prima ballerina. Her only unfulfilled professional dream is to play the role of Giselle. Out of love for her husband, she has made the difficult decision to leave the stage to become a mother. Her husband Philip, a self-confident and cynical man deeply in love with her, grew up among the elite and is a wealthy lawyer. The other couple consists of the 40-year-old babysitter Lina, a strong and domineering woman, raised by an abusive father and still supporting her drug addict brother, and her partner, the indecisive and gentle tiler Christo. The in vitro fertilization procedure is successful only for Lina. The revelation a few months later that their embryos were accidentally switched turns their lives upside down and intertwines their fates. This is a compelling story that revolves around love, loyalty, loss, betrayal, and the ballet Giselle.

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