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A breathless and endless adventure from the panel-block apartment complexes of socialist Bulgaria to the movie sets of the TV shows where you will meet gamblers, speculators, fledgling mafiosos, generals, and emigrants opening portals to the beyond.
– Nikolay Kolev, Bulgarian National TV

Novel (Part I), 520 pages, 2019


A confessional life story – every bit as wild, entertaining and absurd as its inspiration. A story about a colorful character, an excellent scammer who has become the spokesman оf a generation, having lived on both sides of the Transition – the last years of Socialism in Bulgaria with all its absurdities, humiliations, amusements and all sorts of illegal schemes – underground gambling, currency exchange scams and countless tricks, mastered to perfection, for making easy money in hard times. An adventurer with his own life philosophy who is ready to hurl himself into any new undertaking, Chekmo does not hesitate to travel to East Berlin only days after the fall of the Berlin Wall, where new affairs await him.
Angela Rodel

cover design by Damyan Damyanov

Към началото