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One of the best gifts for a young reader!
– Mariya Yankova, Dnevnik Newspaper

Children’s Books, 95 pages, 2002


A favorite title for generations of children in Bulgaria who grew up reading the little dog’s captivating letters. As of today, the book is included in the mandatory literature program for primary school students. Letters from a Dachshund has been a bestseller for more than 20 years already. The book contains the charming and exciting stories, told by a puppy who is sent to the countryside for the summer holiday. He writes letters to his human friend to tell him adventures and curious events from his life far from home. Funny, empathetic and full of love, this narrative teaches children how to react naturally when facing challenges of a new environment and the inevitable process of growing up. The book has been beautifully illustrated by Kostadin Kostadinov.

illustrated by kostadin kostadinov

Към началото