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This is a book you can read all over again! Emanuil A. Vidinski writes with his typical poetic delicacy and amazing ease.
– Olya Stoyanova, Culture Weekly Magazine

Short Stories, 168 pages, 2015


This collection contains 21 texts of the finest literary writing. The stories encompass more than a decade from Emanuil A. Vidinski’s career as there is a clear, even palpable distinction between the first part –Cartographies of Escape –where the author selected the most prominent pieces from his previous collection (originally published in 2005) and a separate new part of this body. The characters here are fragile, not limited within time or space, but attentive to tiny details and most of all – sensitive to silence. Egon and the Silence is rich in stories that leave the reader in contentment. The plots are full of ups and downs, funny and romantic but also delicately ironic. This book is inhabited by bizarre characters, often obsessed with their own senses (sights, smells) and perceptions of reality.

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Към началото