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Does the act of grafting bring happiness? What are the extraordinary abilities of freckled women who grew up near the Struma River? Are human talents greater than artificial intelligence? Zdravka Evtimova’s latest short story collection feels as if this writer needs to tell stories as much as she needs to breathe.

– Biserka Gramatikova, Bulgarian National Radio

Short Stories, 200 pages, 2023


This collection contains twenty pieces never failing to manifest Evtimova’s brilliant storytelling skills, both in the register of the comic and the tragic. The characters and the situations she puts them into cannot leave the reader indifferent. Evtimova’s ability to weave narrative within narrative, to present situations, some more unbelievable than others, yet completely realistic, despite the unexpected twists and turns, to construct vivid dialogues with a subtle sense of the paradoxical and the aphoristic, is unsurpassed and is the very reason for her to epitomize a recognizable and beloved storyteller to thousands of Bulgarians. The themes she deals with are important and relevant not only to the Bulgarian society – preserving the human in inhuman situations, living and surviving in a toxic family environment, overcoming socially deviant practices as they are always presented with a lot of empathy and humor.
– Krasimir Lozanov

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