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Emblematic title for a whole generation that grew up at the beginning of the new century!
– Georgi Valkov, Goodreads

Novel, 180 pages, 2005


Hash Oil is a hilarious, fresh and stunningly contemporary novel. It tells a story of the incredible oil produced by Father Angelarius in a remote monastery. Hash Oil is a journey through the one-off dose, written with empathy and brilliant humor. This is a mockery at the heroics originating out of sheer boredom as the plot develops far from drug addiction and big deals.

With this title Momchil Nikolov stirs up a Balkan, hallucinogenic textual cocktail that perhaps references the ideas of Irwin Welsh.

The novel is extremely readable as you will definitely laugh out loud at times. Hash Oil has been published in its third edition in 2017 and was shortlisted at the Helikon readers’ award in 2005.

cover design by Damyan Damyanov

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