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A brilliant novel, delicately revealing the beauty of youth and the beauty of language; an exciting story about personal growth, cultural differences and universal values.
– Antonia Apostolova, Literary Conversations

Novel, 413 pages, 2023


A teenage boy starts his life anew at a Catholic boarding school in the city of Calbe/Saale, Germany while his father is a fellow at the famous Martin-Luther University. During the turbulent decade of the 90s, Bulgaria could not offer very bright international perspectives, so learning a foreign language in a natural environment seemed like the best decision a university professor could take for his son. A touching story about the adventures and difficulties of a youngster far from home, about love and loneliness, that gradually reveals many answers to adulthood trauma. A story about learning to dream and fight one’s battles in a foreign language. The fascinating adventure of a young, rebellious soul. The novel was longlisted for the Peroto national literary award for contemporary Bulgarian prose in 2023.

cover design by hristo gochev

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