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Hristo Karastoyanov

Hristo Karastoyanov (1950 – 2024) was one of the most prominent authors of his generation. In 2012 Dittrich Verlag, published his Dodder trilogy (Teufelszwirn, Roman in drei Büchern). His novel The Name won the prestigious Helikon award in December of the same year. The novel The Same Night Awaits Us All was also awarded the Helikon, as it went on to become one of the most celebrated Bulgarian books of 2014. The theatre performance Geo (2015), directed for the stage by Ivan Dobchev at the Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Sofia, was based on motifs from the book. The Same Night Awaits Us All also won the Pencho’s Oak award (2014), as well as the Elias Canetti national literary award (2015). His work has been included in various Bulgarian and foreign anthologies, and his stories have been published in Russian, Turkish, Arabic and English.

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Current Titles

Novel, 310 pages, 2014

The Same Night Awaits Us All

In June of 1923, a military coup established Aleksandar Tsankov as the new leader of Bulgaria. His fascist policies—especially aimed at the Bulgarian Communist Party—led to the failed September Uprising and an extended period of martial law…

Novel, 240 pages, 2021

T as in Tashkent

A historical novel with a philosophical underpinning about the Bulgarian 20th century – looking for the answer to the nagging question: why and how evil finds a way to constantly reproduce itself in Bulgarian society and politics?

Към началото