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Kindness is instilled through the way each character reacts and interacts with their environment. “Impatience in a Box” teaches young readers not only to be tolerant, but also how to seize every chance to be happy!
– Valentin Dishev, Bulgarian National Radio

Children’s Books, 32 pages, 2021


This is a book of children’s poems arranged thematically and by season – winter, spring, summer. Here the main characters are people, animals, insects, objects and
natural phenomena. They all experience emotions familiar to children’s. Christmas toys can’t wait for the winter holidays to come, to be taken out of the box and shine again. Dogs write letters to each other, share various news with their relatives or arrange meetings with friends. The cat, on the other hand, takes on the role of a pirate and boards terraces to plunder meatballs. Mother Ant is a box-cracker, and the fallen walnut is an armored box that must be opened so the little ants get their favorite walnut pastry. The sea is small and kind and loves to play all day, right until it falls asleep. Children see familiar images from a new perspective as young readers try to put themselves in the others’ shoes, to understand why they act one way or another and feel empathy.

illustrated by elitsa sarbinova

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