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With their unostentatious mood, Beleva’s stories are like haikus, yet they’re concerned not with the natural world but with our social milieu – the state of familial bonds, familial knots, and familial weight. This book reinvents Bulgarian storytelling!
– Mitko Novkov, Marginalia Magazine

Short Stories, 94 pages, 2018


Most stories in Keder take place in a village, some do not, but they all, in some way, dig through the trauma of exile, the basic human need to belong, to be seen. And Beleva sees it all and asks us to ponder it through her beguiling lens. This author writes of virtuous grandmothers and envious neighbors, relationships between women of a different age or stature, and family dynamics strained by phantom relatives lost to death or immigration. Keder is a collection of folkloric flash fiction: writing that is short and precise, devastating and powerful. It is also an homage to the Bulgarian Baba, a no-nonsense, stoic woman for whom there is no happy ending nor self-pity.
Izidora Angel

Stories from the collection have been published in English translation in The Los Angeles Review, Words Without Borders, Firmament, Two Lines Journal, and have been included in the Best Literary Translations 2024 anthology, forthcoming from Deep Vellum. For her work on the collection, translator Izidora Angel has been awarded fellowships by Bread Loaf and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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