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Hundreds of women can now talk to their unborn children through Dimana Yordanova’s book! This author is not afraid of anything and speaks with the voices of all scared women. This book is freedom.
– Ina Ivanova, Mediacafe Magazine

Prose Poem, 98 pages, 2020


Letters to Niya, My Unborn Child is a book standing on the borderline between poetry and prose. It speaks on behalf of women on an extremely important topic – the conscious decision not to keep a baby in all its humane and philosophic dimensions and the long-term consequences from this decision. This is a book about the freedom to make one of the most difficult choices for a woman, but also about the physical dimensions of this burden and the necessary forgiveness afterwards. This is harsh poetry written in a very sensitive way. A book about love and betrayal, about cruelty and strength. Letters to Niya, My Unborn Child has already been translated into Spanish and English.

cover design by hristo gochev and emanuela kovach

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