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This is a very sad book that contains melancholic, but clever tales. A sad book that somehow manages to help readers rediscover their zest for life.
Ivayla Alexandrova, Bulgarian National Radio

SHORT STORIES, 125 pages, 2017


Mr. Kaboda, an elusive, slightly devilish man, lives on the outskirts of town in a cave equipped with a stove, a fridge and, most importantly, a TV set, works in an office, has a family on an island in the middle of the ocean and looks every bit a modern fairy tale character, except he is not. He exists on the thin line between fantasy and reality, and is visited there by an unnamed child who has recently lost his mother. As summer goes by and their friendship evolves, the child will struggle to rebuild a world he has lost. To do so, he will need to see it as it has never been seen before by anyone. In this world marked by grief, loss and a newly acquired understanding of death, the child, through Mr. Kaboda, will also find a new understanding of what it is to be alive, different and sometimes alone.

cover design by kiril zlatkov

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