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An extraordinary book about one’s quest for true love!
– Petya Yanakieva, Bulgarian National Radio

Short Prose, 49 pages, 2021

Omar’s Letters to His Future Wife

Omar’s Letters to His Future Wife contains pieces of epistolary and poetic prose, boldly trying to dilute the realms between Beloved and God, between Lover and Self. Omar writes and sends eleven letters to his imaginary future wife. The protagonist has no idea whether she will ever appear in his life. With every next letter, the readers start questioning themselves if Omar is really writing to his future love or to his long-lost God? Rene Karabash has hidden the answers of fundamental sufi questions in these 10 poetic letters, but something unusual happens with the eleventh piece. The reader realizes that it was not actually written by Omar. Then who is the author of the 11th love letter?

cover design by LUBA HALEVA

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