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Overwinding is a horror story written with the ironic tone of a close observer with huge imagination. A plot skillfully built by this promising author!
– Vladislav Hristov, Culture Weekly Magazine

Novel, 390 pages, 2021


Overwinding is a novel about the cultural and political codes that define the Balkan mindset. It is also a book about consumerism as the fundamental ideology of our present. A novel that questions the moral grounds of our very existence in this time and age. Overwinding tells a story about a lady who transports herself from the body of an elderly woman into a young politician. The main character wrecks political havoc as the narration discusses the painful topic of social and political manipulations. The novel speaks about the trauma of younger generations inflicted by growing up in an early post-communist age. Denchev is a careful explorer of the human psyche and masterfully depicts how socio-cultural environment on the Balkans influences one’s ability to love, analyze, even tell good from bad.

cover design by Hristo gochev

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