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This book talks about the places where your bravest dreams can take you!
– Stanislava Rayanova, Bulgarian National Radio

Children’s Books, 32 pages, 2024


The Ant’s Letter is a romantic poem for teenagers, full of fantasy, adventure and wonderful illustrations. A remarkable debut in illustration by the talented artist Elena Panayotova.

The Ant’s Letter is a celebration of happiness, love, a celebration of hope and the promise of second chances. A poetry of joy; a guide to making dreams come true; a guide to taming Fate. This book proves that the most important letters always reach their recipients. A solemn and heartfelt assurance that everyone – be they ant, elephant or human – has the opportunity to find their soulmate.

Colorful as it is for children, wise as it is for adults, The Ant’s Letter will bring a genuine smile to everyone’s face.

illustrated by ELENA PANAYOTOVA

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