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A masterpiece of grotesque! A novel posing fundamental questions for our whole contemporary civilization.
– Nikolay Kolev, Bulgarian National TV.

Novel, 540 pages, 2023


Vulcan is a novel of multiple storylines coming together to build an image of Bulgaria’s surrealist and fantastic present, from within and from without. Ultimately, it is also a dream seen by Klaus Schimmelhoff, a demented former pop-art celebrity with Alzheimer, now mostly forgotten and living in his penthouse studio with his Bulgarian nurse Magda. Magda’s daughter, suffering from a rare and curious condition, encounters an elderly businessman whose latest ambition is to produce green energy out of cow dung. This is how the plot develops into a grimly ironic but also hilarious tale of contemporary society marked by the diverse absurdities of human existence.

cover design by LUBA HALEVA

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