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This book is a full-blooded, authentic, figurative-metaphorical reflection of today’s reality!
– Kelly Luce, Electric Literature Magazine

Novel, 295 pages, 2022


Wolf Sanctuary takes place in Radomir, more precisely in its most deprived neighborhood Staro Selo —Evtimova’s Bulgarian Macondo. Radomir is a small town in Bulgaria where high levels of crime rule its citizens’ day-to-day life. Unemployment, fear of burglaries and of losing one’s job are pivotal points in everybody’s life. The overarching theme of the novel is the classic opposition of good and evil, as well as the power of love. The authenticity of the characters, their actions and behavior weave a multidimensional tapestry of life. The images carry Evtimova’s signature style — magical realism intertwined with the harsh realities of life, sometimes radiant, sometimes gloomy, highly poetic yet mundane, but always accurate and highly impressive.
Yana Ellis

cover design by hristo gochev

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