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Those amazing characters will make you laugh and wonder, you will find the answers of fundamental questions or explain everyday notions with extraordinary examples! 
– Violeta Dimitrova, Bulgarian National Radio

Children’s Books, 40 pages, 2022


The Wolf throws meatballs at the Moon, the Penguin prepares Antarctic ice cream, and the Woodpecker is the peacemaker of the neighborhood.17 short poems with hilarious logic where the familiar and the usual come to life in unexpected plot twists! In 2022 the title was awarded the Peroto national prize for contemporary children’s literature.

I often meet children in schools and kindergartens, and they bombard me with surprising questions. “Do ants get married? When will the world end? Why is the panda black and white at the same time?” While I frantically try to figure out my answers, they often come up with amazing solutions themselves! For example: “The panda is black and white because it has played a lot of chess.” The poetic stories in this book are inspired mainly by the stunning and charming answers I’ve heard from children over the years.

– Petya Kokudeva

ILLUSTRATed BY ANTOnia mechkueva

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