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Kamelia Panayotova

Kamelia Panayotova (1999) has authored the novel Anne (2023) and the poetry collection The Man Who Leaves (2021). Her poetic debut was shortlisted for the Peroto national award for contemporary poetry. She is a winner of numerous literary accolades as well as prizes for children’s literature and translations from English. Kamelia has been honored with significant awards from the national poetry competitions Dobromir Tonev and Sea. She was the very first prizewinner of the Aleksandar Vutimski competition and her poetry collection Ausencias is about to be published in Spanish by the end of 2024 (La Tortuga Búlgara). Kamelia’s poems have been published in the Mexican literary magazine Círculo de Poesía, the Spanish La Tortuga Búlgara and the English online poetry magazine

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Novel, 193 pages, 2023


How can a little girl cope with the trauma of unloving parents who abandoned her at the age of eight? Or with her strict grandmother who is trying to convince her that she doesn’t need her parents?

Към началото