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Petar Denchev

Petar Denchev (1986) is a Bulgarian writer and stage director. He has received numerous awards and nominations from various prose and poetry competitions (Razvitie, Svetlostruy, Vesselin Hanchev, Altera magazine’s Extaz). His novel Just Like a Man Kisses a Woman He Loves was chosen by the Razvitie contest as Best New Bulgarian Novel of 2007. His novels The Small God of Earthquakes (2019) and Overwinding (2021) were nominated for the National Readers’ Helikon award. Petar’s short stories have been published in Serbian, Macedonian, Slovenian, German (eta Verlag), English and Farsi. His Stories from The Past collection was published by Partizanska Kniga in Serbia (2022). The Small God of Earthquakes has been recently published in Macedonian by Antolog publishing house.

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Current Titles

Novel, 390 pages, 2021


Overwinding is a novel about the cultural and political codes that define the Balkan mindset. It is also a book about consumerism as the fundamental ideology of our present.

Novel, 300 pages, 2019

The Small God of Earthquakes

The Small God of Earthquakes is a novel about а personal apocalypse where the past is the epicenter of unspeakable anhedonia. The book begins, like many others, with a separation – a woman leaves her husband for no particular reason. 

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