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Yordanka Beleva

Yordanka Beleva (1977) is considered one of the most peculiar female voices of contemporary Bulgarian literature. A short story writer and a poet, she is the author of three poetry collections: Peignoirs and Boats (2002), Her (2012), Missed Moment (2017), and four short story collections: The Sea Level of Love (2011), Keys (2015), Keder (2018), Hedgehogs Come out at Night (2022). Yordanka has won national awards for both poetry and prose and her short stories and poems have been translated into Arabic, English, French, German and Spanish and published in numerous anthologies. Beleva’s short story collection Keder, translated in English by Izidora Angel, won the National Endowment for the Art prose award in the USA at the end of 2022. Keder was also published in Macedonia (Blesok, 2019) and is currently being translated into Turkish (Metis Publishing House). Beleva’s poetry collection The Missed Moment was published in German by eta Verlag in 2021. Many of her short stories have been filmed and awarded at international festivals (The Man Eater’s Grandson, Family Portrait of the Black Earth and others).

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Short Stories, 90 pages, 2022

Hedgehogs Come out at Night

This collection comprises 18 short stories as on the surface the narratives are deceptively straightforward: mostly female narrators are recollecting a memory of a great grandmother, a lost love, a deceased husband, a childhood event.

Short Stories, 94 pages, 2018


Most stories in Keder take place in a village, some do not, but they all, in some way, dig through the trauma of exile, the basic human need to belong, to be seen. Bulgarian Fiction. And Beleva sees it all and asks us to ponder it through her beguiling lens. 

Към началото