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Emanuil А. Vidinski

Emanuil А. Vidinski (1978) has authored the short story collection Cartographies of Escape (2005), followed by the novel Places to Breathe (2008), the poetry collection Par Avion (2011) and the short story collection Egon and the Silence (2015), with his most recent work being the novel Home for Beginners, published in 2023. In 2017 Par Avion was published in German by eta Verlag. Vidinski is the creator and editor of the Global Novels series at Altera publishing (2007-2010). Between 2008 and 2012 he was editor at the Bulgarian section of Deutsche Welle radio in Bonn, Germany, and between 2013 and 2016 he was an editor-in-chief at Panorama publishing. Vidinski plays in the Bulgarian Par Avion Band, he has worked at radio programs and mentored numerous creative writing courses and workshops. His poems and short stories have been prolifically published in Arabic, Croatian, English, German, Hungarian and Bengali.

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Current Titles

Novel, 413 pages, 2023

Home for Beginners

A teenage boy starts his life anew at a Catholic boarding school in the city of Calbe/Saale, Germany while his father is a fellow at the famous Martin-Luther University.

Short Stories, 168 pages, 2015

Egon and the Silence

This collection contains 21 texts of the finest literary writing. The stories encompass more than a decade from Emanuil A. Vidinski’s career…

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