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Momchil Nikolov

Momchil Nikolov (1970) is not only a famous screenwriter, but also a strong and recognizable voice in contemporary Bulgarian prose. He graduated with a degree in medicine, but is dedicated primarily to writing. He has authored several short story collections: Travelers, Short Stories, Fragments of a Room, and Mad Doris, as well as the novels Hash Oil, The Top Floor, The Spherical Fish, Machinery for Love, and The Last Territory. In 2008, The Spherical Fish won the National Readers’ Helikon award for fiction. His novel The Last Territory (2016), was nominated for every significant Bulgarian prize and won the most prestigious ones: the Bulgarian Novel of the Year Award of the National Endowment Fund 13 Centuries Bulgaria – 2017 and the Peroto national award for contemporary Bulgarian fiction. After the success of Chekmo (2019), highly appreciated by both critics and readers, a sequel to the book – Chekmo-2 was published in 2022.

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Current Titles

Novel (Part I), 520 pages, 2019


A story about a colorful character, an excellent scammer who has become the spokesman оf a generation, having lived on both sides of the Transition – the last years of Socialism in Bulgaria with all its absurdities, humiliations, amusements and all sorts of illegal schemes.

NOVEL, 180 PAGES, 2005

Hash Oil

Hash Oil (2005) is а hilarious, fresh and stunningly contemporary novel. It tells the story of the incredible…

Към началото