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Nikolay Terziyski

Nikolay Terziyski (1983) is a screenwriter and co-host of a popular TV show about politics and literature. His debut novel Excommunication (2017) gained a huge fanbase as the book’s first edition sold out in less than six months. Excommunication won first prize in the Prose category at the prestigious national competition for literary debut Yuzhna Prolet. It was also shortlisted for the Peroto awards for its contribution to the Bulgarian literary context. With his second book Chronicles of the Untold (2019), Terziyski firmly established himself as a literary novelist with deep interest in family histories with their roots and branches deep into the past, the inevitability of destiny, love and hatred, war and compassion. Stars Under the Eyelids is Terziyski’s third novel, published in 2022.

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Novel, 330 pages, 2022

Stars Under the Eyelids

Stars Under the Eyelids tells the story of three generations of men who fall in love with younger women, masterfully involving the recurring topics of art, politics and a bit of mystery, as it stretches the plot almost a century back in time.

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