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Rene Karabash

Rene Karabash (b. Irena Ivanova, 1989) is a writer, screenwriter, playwright and actress. She was the recipient of several Best Actress awards for her leading role in the film Godless, including the Silver Leopard at Locarno and the Bronze Horse at Stockholm. Her debut novel, She Who Remains, won the prestigious Elias Canetti award for literature, and was shortlisted for every possible national prize. She Who Remains has been published in Arabic, Bosnian, French, Macedonian and Polish, with more languages in the works. In December 2023, the novel’s French translation by Marie-Vrinat Nikolov was awarded the French PEN award. For a translated excerpt of the novel in English, Izidora Angel was awarded the Gulf Coast Prize in Translation in 2023. A movie based on the book, adapted for the big screen by the author, and a co-production between Albania, Germany, Italy and Romania, is currently in pre-production, with principal photography set to begin in 2024. Rene is the scriptwriter of the upcoming in 2024 drama series Sofia’s Daughters – the latest production of the Bulgarian National Television.

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Novel, 165 pages, 2018

She Who Remains

She Who Remains is a meditation on womanhood, love, family and honor, written almost entirely in a non-linear stream of consciousness.


Omar’s Letters to His Future Wife

Omar’s Letters to His Future Wife contains pieces of epistolary and poetic prose, boldly trying to dilute the realms between Beloved and God, between Lover and Self. Omar writes and sends eleven letters to his imaginary future wife. 

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